Monday, February 06, 2006


Raise your hand if you like music. Ok now the other one. Now wave them back and forth and move your hips like you're having a seizure or until someone thinks you've been doused with the Holy Spirit! Of course everyone loves music and the only thing better than hearing your favorite music is hearing it for free. Shoutcast is awesome! There are thousands of online radio stations broadcasting ALL TYPES of music for your listening pleasure. Here are a few of my favorite stations that I listen to regularly.
Groove Salad
Smooth Jazz
Vocal Trance
Chillout Ambient

You'll need some type of media player that is capable of receiving media streams/playlists and Windoze Media Player wont cut it. I HIGHLY recommend Winamp, but Realplayer, MusicMatch, and a few others will do the job.


seanb724 said...

If you like Shoutcast, check out Pandora. You can give it a profile of music you like by artist or song, and then it picks out other music that it thinks you may like based on that. You can then say you like what they pick out or not to further your profile.

You can listen to one of my stations here:

D said...

Found your site through badben. Agree w/your personal responsibility post 100%. I was a spectator this yr at the Groundhog run (coming off of an injury and am being cautious) so we may have walked past one another.