Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Modern" medicine

Had a decent run last night. After twisting the ankle twice in the first loop, I decided not to do a second one. Gotta make sure I feel as good as possible this weekend for the Psycho Wyco. We also had some young newbies. College kids really have a knack for irritating me these days. Maybe it's because people who think they know it all really bother those of us who do!

My mom also called last night and told me the latest news on her husband Frank's health. Frank has a LARGE tumor (benign) in his throat and has a few arteries blocked. They're in Atlanta getting treatment from a specialist in all the procedures he has to have done. Frank has had a few panic attacks that cause him breathing problems. These are very REAL breathing problems even if they are brought on by self-induced emotional/mental trauma. The mind has such a profound effect on our physiological state, that pumping chemicals into our bodies to counteract some effects seems to be how our doctors prefer to treat it. She wanted the doctors to give him something to calm him down. I would want him to have a counselor to help him deal with the psychological root of the physiological symptoms. She wants them to give him a quick fix and that's what makes the drug companies rich and the doctor's jobs easier. We commonly refer to this type of treatment as treating the symptom not the cause. When we visit a doctor for aches and pains, they normally prescribe the drug of the month whether it be a muscle relaxer or the latest anti-inflamatory and this has the effect of making some of the pain go away temporarily. They're giving things that mask the pain while the body heals itself instead of getting to the root of the matter and trying to find out what caused/causes the problems to begin with. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself from most injuries/problems if it is in balance. Broken bones, scar tissue, and foreign things in our bodies, (Cholesterol, pins, artificial things) can prevent our body from being able to function correctly in its recouperative/rehabilitative efforts. For a light-hearted view on the drug industry's impact on our lives, see and click on the animation titled "Drugs I Need."

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