Thursday, February 16, 2006


Somewhere along the line, some Americans seem to have lost what equality among people means. This does NOT mean that individuals are completely equal human beings. As should be VERY obvious, people are not physically equal. Nor are they mentally, emotionally, or intellectually equal. The simple fact in life is that some people are taller than others, smarter than others, skinnier or faster than other people, and the list of physical differences can go on and on. This obvious inequality is lost on many inDUHviduals who think that they are equal to allothers in every way. In our society, what equality means is everyone has EQUAL protection under the law regardless of physical traits. People have EQUAL opportunities regardless of intellectual capabilities and people (should) have EQUAL rights under the law as well. Many seem to ignore the fact that with rights come responsibilities. People with equal rights also have equal responsibilities regardless of physical characteristics. 1=1. green = green. easy = easy and injustice = injustice regardless of how you justify it. Does one injustice cancel out or make right another injustice current or past? Again, I refer you to mathematics. 1 = 1. 1 does not equal 2+5-4x15 plus or minus a few concessions here and there. IF it's not the SAME then it's not equal. Brown vs the Board of Education established the precedent that Seperate is INHERENTLY INEQUAL and therefore segregation was wrong. The equality issue transcends race. This pertains to intellectual ability, physical abilities or lack thereof, and work ethics which encompass many of the aforementioned traits. Our country is great because of the ability of the people (who run the gammut of inequalities) to exercise equal voices in deciding the future of the country and it's laws. Our country is also a laughing stock to the rest of the world because of our OBVIOUS lack of understanding and lack of ability to put equality into practical application. If a job requires X, then all applicants, short, tall, fat, skinny, black, brown, pasty white, and everything in between have equal opportunity to apply/try out for the job. If the job requires picking apples from tall trees, I would expect to lose out to a taller person because I am short and couldn't do the job on my own as well as someone taller. I most certainly WOULD NOT expect the employer to make the playing field easier for me by providing a ladder. That would cost him more money, making me less valuable. So why is it that when people are up against others with whom they are not physically or mentally not equal to, they expect special treatment to make things "equal" for them. Once again people, equal = THE SAME. Not the same with special circumstances. I wouldn't expect to be hired over an attractive girl with for a job at Hooters. Hooters is a business with a theme and they know what makes money for them and the employees are a large part of that so why can't Hooters decide who they hire and how they employ them? Why must that be legislated? If people live in the same community, go to the same school, have the same teachers, then why should they take seperate tests? Our country is perpetuating differentiation and subsequent dissention among the masses with it's application of injustice under the guise of "equality".


ruth said...

entire range or series= gamut of inequalities

see, I do read this!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

makes sense, yet there's so much more to it...

Ben, aka BadBen said...

As we found out with Mr Nott and Caleb at the 50K: Some folks are more equal than others, when it comes to running talent. Holy crap!

As to equal opportunity for jobs:
A black PHD would probably not even be considered a viable contender for the white house, but a C-average white guy is a shoe-in.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

That said, I've had to scratch my way up to where I am in the job world.
I haven't had any misfortunes with Equal Opportunity issues before, but I've been passed-up more than a few times by "idiots" with "good ol' boy connections", even though they had zero leadership skills or experience. I've also watched those same folks fail miserably more than a few times.
My philosphy: Work hard, smile, be courteous and professional and out-survive the assholes.

D said...

I like your way of thinking. As Angie and Ben mention, there are exceptions and there is more to it (shades of gray.) I do think that we have become a country that enables rather than rewards good hard work. I get frustrated when standards seem to be more lax for some and not for others. Nasty behavior is acceptable from some but absolutely not for others. Our mayor is sitting out of a Mayor's meeting because last year's speaker was a moderate republican speaking from a different perspective than hers yet if it would have been a speaker who was a democrat, I imagine she would be attending. Not that I am trying to get political because they all have their own set of issues. Interesting topic.

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