Thursday, April 20, 2006

a little setback on training...

Tuesday afternoon, I went out to the park to get some strength training in on the bike before running with the Trail Nerds. After doing a loop in the trails, I hit the paved trail for a quick lap around the park and to work the hills on that paved loop. Halfway into it, I was going too fast on one of the downhills and wiped out on a curve. I was going 31 MPH on my mtn bike and would've made the turn (like many times before) if I didn't have to try to avoid hitting a lady who was out walking. It's not her fault. I was going way too fast to be safely in control with other people on that trail so it's my own stupidity that caused my wreck. I laid the bike down while on the brakes and slid off the trail right into a tree which crushed my chainrings and the impact caused my seatpost to snap. Realizing that my bike wasn't able to be ridden out of there, I had to slowly and painfully walk it out 2 more miles back to the parking lot. From there, I went home, changed clothes into something more comfortable and went to the Emergency Room where I had a nice wait. 6 and a half hours later, I got to go home with a few stitches and lots of gauze. While there, I had to get my neck, pelvis, and ribs x-rayed, but thankfully nothing was broken. The ribs are VERY sore now and probably will be for the race on Sunday. It's a good thing I have a spare bike or I might have to miss out on it. Even though I'll be quite a bit slower than planned, I'm still doing this race the best I can.


angie's pink fuzzy said...


glad you didn't break anything.

D said...

Ouch. ...wishing you a speedy recovery!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Good Ben,

We'll have to re-nickname you "Rashneesh Ben" for a while. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Bad Ben

shliknik said...

Nice one......luckily nothing is broken. Scraps 'n cuts are much easier to deal with.

I had some of my worst accidents on bikes - stitches, broken bones, etc.

Why do we keep riding them?