Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fun Duathlon

Did another duathlon on Saturday and had a blast! Allison and I agreed to help out Cowtown Cycling with getting the God's Country Duathlon together. We got out there around 7:20 and started helping set up and get the registration tent in order. Allison did the running and I did the biking. Ever since she broke her ankle on a mountain bike 5 years ago, she refuses to get back on one. :-( There were 5 teams in the relay division and over 200 entrants in the duathlon overall. Once Allison came in and tagged me to head out on the bike, we were in the middle to back-middle of the pack. Having not done the run, my legs were fresher than most of the bikers I was chewing up on the trail. This was a very fast non-technical trail and I had some new tires that I was trying out. They did great and I was only passed by one biker. Fellow Cowtown teammate (and elite cyclist) Damian Almanza passed me 2/3rds of the way through the first 9 mile loop and I wasn't able to get around some other bikers in time to get on his wheel to hang on. A few riders were unsure of trail ettiquette and their ability and if uncertainty strikes them while I'm in the middle of a pass, then keeping the rubber side down can be difficult. This was a good training race and we ended up getting third in the relay division due to some fast runners overtaking Allison in the last two mile run. This was the last race I'd planned on doing before the Adventure Race season kicks off in a few weeks.
This coming weekend, we're headed to Pensacola, FL to visit my family for a long weekend and we'll get in a little 5k charity run while there.

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Ben, aka BadBen said...

Good job, Good Ben!
I'll be in FL, also.
I'm best man at Sasha's wedding.