Monday, March 20, 2006

Great training week and weekend!

Got in some good recovery for the ailing achilles last week while still getting good workouts in at the gym. Did the necessary base mileage without pushing it too hard and made some good progress in the strengthening department. After running on Monday and Tues night, I decided to hit the trails on the bike for Thurs nite's workout and it was a good decision. Rested Friday after being in the gym Sunday through Thursday in addition to the runs and rides. Saturday morning, I felt really good and met the trail nerds out at Kill Creek Park for a morning run on some new trails. These are a bit different from our normal hangouts, but they were a lot of fun and fairly technical in sections. There's a few water crossings if you choose to take those trails (which of course we did) and these trails allow you to get as little or as much of a workout as you want. I can definitely see us coming back here more often. We ran for a little over 2 hours so I figure we did about 12-14 miles. Rested the remainder of that day and even went to Jardine's to get serenaded by Ms. Ida McBeth. Hearing her sing jazz is always a treat! It's so much fun watching and listening to her in person. Probably had too many vodka tonics for the run I was doing the next day, but I didn't know I'd have to work as hard as I did.
Brew to Brew:
Allison and I agreed to do the Brew to Brew with a new friend introduced to us by Allison's aerobics instructor. The guy we agreed to do this run with was the team captain and he told me via voicemail that we had a full team. He and I have played phone tag for the past 6 weeks and we've never had the chance to train together, but he's in good shape and since he was recommended by our personal trainer friend, we figured his judgements for teammates would be sound. I'll not drag this out too much, but the bottom line is that I RE-learned that I have to have the correct expectations when I go into something. We never planned to be competitive, but we DID plan to do our part to contribute to the team. It was just supposed to be a fun run (which it was) but it turned out to be more work than any of us expected. With one of the team members suffering from Plantar Fasciitis the other five of us that showed up knew we had our work cut out for us. Allison agreed to take a leg that was a little over 5 miles and she did great. she even did better than I expected so she surprised me and herself too I think. The girlfriend of one of the guys did a leg and two of the other guys agreed to do two legs each which left 3 remaining legs to be done in the 10 stage race. I agreed to do the other three, but I didn't really relish the idea. Overall, I did about 28-30 tough miles this weekend and am only mildly sore, but not too tired. Thankfully, the weather held out. We only had a sprinkling of rain and ice for a few minutes early on and the rest of the time the clouds threatened, but never dumped on us. The temp stayed around 40-43 degrees the whole time. This was a very well run race and was surprisingly well organized for the size and logisitcal complexity of it. I highly recommend running it if you ever get the chance.