Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Achilles problems

No, not that Achilles, the other one! -->
The first Achilles is for my sister's benefit!
My achilles tendon started bothering me during our scary run on Sunday when we were caught out in the storm. We weren't running very hard, but it just started out with a dull aching and then changed to a pulling type of feeling which led to pain eventually before we were finished. There were several hills that aggravated whatever it was making it hurt and I should've walked them instead of trying to push through it. I iced it twice on Sunday and it felt better on Monday so against common sense, I ran with the KC Track club on our Monday night 10k on the roads. This certainly didn't help any, but the pain was only moderate so I suffered through it because I need to keep up a base in the training before I start speed work. This week's training is just base mileage maintenance while I'm in the gym working on strength for the legs and upper body. After icing the right achilles Mon night, it felt better all day Tuesday. SO, last night, (Tues) I ran with the trail nerds out at SMP but only did one lap. I felt pretty good with only a slight pulling sensation during the run. This time, I let common sense prevail and only did one loop of the rocky rooty trails. Today, it's a little tight, and only a little sore, so I think I'll just hit the gym tonight instead of running and maybe I'll be ready for the hills of Wyco on Thursday evening.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Read this:

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

It's always good to get these reminders, but why can't we (more often than not) learn from others' mistakes/experiences? After reading the race report of the Wasatch 100, I want to do that one now!

olga said...

Heal Achilles and go for Wasatch:) Next year? That's when I plan to go back and get some unfinished business done. Then may be Leadville...the one and only DNF.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, no, hope it gets better pronto!

(PS thank you for the first Achilles picture :)