Monday, March 13, 2006

Good but dangerous weekend!

My lovely wife volunteered to do a duathlon series with me and Saturday was the first one in this series. We did fairly well, (2nd in the co-ed relay) but I feel I did really well on the biking part which gave me a much needed boost in the confidence department. I only got passed by one person who is a phenomenal biker that normally races in the elite division so I didn't feel too bad about him passing me. I also was able to pass about 50-60 others in the trails and even lapped a few. For this race, we helped set up before hand and breakdown afterwards.
Sunday morning, we decided to hit the trails early. Instead of running with the trail nerds like I normally do, Allison (my wife) and I decided to run on our own at Shawnee Mission Park. We had checked the weather ahead of time and knew that some storms were moving in the area so we had to get the run in early to beat them. We got started about 7:45 and were halfway into the run (still 4 miles from the car) when we heard the tornado sirens sounding off! This really scared us and Allison started shaking and got chills she was so petrified. I reassured her that it was just a warning and might have even been a test (knowing better myself) because it really didn't look like tornado weather to me. At the time, it was mostly cloudy and we could see the REALLY nasty stuff moving in quickly so I told her that we could cut the run short and head back to the car so we wouldn't get wet. We got caught in a little shower anyway and a LOT of wind and even though it was a little scary, it was nothing compared to what my fellow trail nerds encountered during their run out in Lawrence! They were just a few miles from the tornado that ripped through the town of Lawrence damaging the school (University of Kansas) to the point that they had to cancel classes today. The guys were in the trails when they got hailed on, and blown around fiercely. Everyone managed to dodge the flying debris safely, but had a hard time getting back home because of all the trees and other debris in the roads. Pretty scary stuff!
Later that afternoon, I went over to Bad Ben's Nanobrewery to watch the magic in progress and to watch some redneck theater! The tornado sirens came on again two more times that afternoon and we just sat by watching the clouds blow by with some awesome Belgian brews in hand.
All in all it was a good training weekend and I'm feeling the motivation return so hopefully, I can crank it up again!


Ben, aka BadBen said...

It was a crazy weekend, but we made the best of it, eh?

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Amen to that brother! Good training all around. You're a gentleman and a scholar my friend!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yikes, what crazy weather!!!

ruth said...

I tried to run during Hurricane Rita. the wind and rain were not as ass-kicking as the low pressure, couldn't get that song out of my head- "against the wind, runnin against the wind, I'm older now but still runnin' against the wind"

glad you're ok