Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anxiety building

Injuries suck!
Last Sunday, I guess I pushed it too much on a run and the knee is now bothering me again. The same knee I've been struggling with since January and gave almost 5 full months to heal. Now I'm wondering if I'll even be able to do the Leadville Marathon coming up on July 7th. That also has me wondering if I'll be able to do the MAS 50 miler in Sept. Oh well, I guess I'll just take it one step at a time and do what I can do and see what happens. If the knee is still jacked up when we move in Aug, that will be NO FUN at all!
Lately, Wyco hasn't been very good to me. Two weeks ago, we were doing trail maintenance out there and I got a good batch of poison ivy which didn't show up till the next day while I was running it. It spread and went systemic. After battling it for the whole week and losing, I decided to get some steroids from my Dr and that knocked it out pretty quick. During my ithchy sessions, I decided not to run for fear of spreading it more.
This past Sunday was my most recent run in which my knee let me know it's still not 100% AGAIN while out at Wyco. If you do that place enough, it's a good course in Kansas to toughen you up or break you down.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keeping busy

Weekend before last, I decided to do the Missouri State Mtn Bike Championships race at Mastin, MO near St Louis. Even though I was sadly out of bike racing shape it was still fun. I took 5th place in the endurance/marathon division. Riding for 3 hours on a trail that I didn't know was fun, but the hills got old pretty quickly! During the race, I think I may have strained my right calf a little but not seriously.

This past Saturday was the second race in the Rock Creek Trail series put on by Great Plains Running Company. There was a 5 and 10 mile distance to choose from and with this being my first race back since my injury, I wanted to see how I felt for the 10 miler. The training had been going well up to this point (with the exception of the calf strain) and I was anxious to push it a little. Well, I ended up not running a smart race because as usual, I went out too hard and blew up halfway through. Early on, there were a few hills that I pushed too hard on causing my heartrate to shoot up and that didn't allow me to hold a pace for very long. I started off doing a 7:25 pace and finished up at about a 9 min mile pace for a fairly hilly course. :-(

Later that Saturday after the race, Allison and I went to see the KC Symphony Orchestra play Brahms' Piano Concerto #2 and other pieces. I love going to the symphony for several reasons. The rich sound, the synchronicity of the bows with the string instruments, the antics of the conductor, and the complexity of sounds from the instruments. Sometimes I get fixated on the violins (my favorite) and when they hold out a note, it's interesting how another instrument will be carrying on in the piece and it's sound will rise up in the background just as the strings are fading off. For some reason, I just like that. It's also fun to see the intensity of some of the musicians in their styles of playing.

On another note, the bid we put in for the house in Denver got accepted and we'll be closing around the end of August. This means we'll be moving from KC to Denver around the first of Sept. New baby on the way, new house, new city, new scenery... big changes coming up! Life is good. What a ride!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back at it

Training has been going well lately. Since the knee has been letting me put in some miles, I'm trying to get back to a respectable level in time for the Leadville Marathon. The longest run I've done in the past 5 months was a 13 miler last Thursday. Did another 9 on Monday and 9 more last night and feel pretty good. Feeling a little sore from lack of conditioning, but ice and Endurox are helping me through that. Been getting in some biking for cross training as well. Still got a lot of toughening up to do, but at least I'm on the right path. Hopefully, I can avoid the injuries.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Our self-destructive choices

As Americans (arguably as humans) we've created lives that promote, endorse, and seek comforts and convenience over substance, practicality, and sustainability. This is one of the main reasons we're in the state that we are with regard to the disparity of salaries of Executives and professional athletes versus those of Police, teachers, and other civil servants. It's also a major reason for the obesity epidemic, and for the outrageous litigations going on due to the total lack of personal responsibility we have in our country.
This video is a satirical look at the consequences of our choice to save some money and get everything all at one place. This does nothing but destroy the mom and pop stores and it encourages more BIG business with more advertising and higher executive salaries, etc... So much for entrepreneurship in America. Funny stuff, but it's just another symptom of some serious problems in America.