Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anxiety building

Injuries suck!
Last Sunday, I guess I pushed it too much on a run and the knee is now bothering me again. The same knee I've been struggling with since January and gave almost 5 full months to heal. Now I'm wondering if I'll even be able to do the Leadville Marathon coming up on July 7th. That also has me wondering if I'll be able to do the MAS 50 miler in Sept. Oh well, I guess I'll just take it one step at a time and do what I can do and see what happens. If the knee is still jacked up when we move in Aug, that will be NO FUN at all!
Lately, Wyco hasn't been very good to me. Two weeks ago, we were doing trail maintenance out there and I got a good batch of poison ivy which didn't show up till the next day while I was running it. It spread and went systemic. After battling it for the whole week and losing, I decided to get some steroids from my Dr and that knocked it out pretty quick. During my ithchy sessions, I decided not to run for fear of spreading it more.
This past Sunday was my most recent run in which my knee let me know it's still not 100% AGAIN while out at Wyco. If you do that place enough, it's a good course in Kansas to toughen you up or break you down.


Gabe said...

That sucks!! It has got to be frustrating to keep dealing with that. You seemed to be running well. I guess the pain didn't show up till later?

davidultra49 said...

Sorry to hear your knee is buggin. Its been awhile since you have consistantly run trails. Do you think that maybe Wyco with all its different twists and turns is causing you to work ligaments and tendons you haven't used in awhile? Maybe try running on some easy bike paths for a month to ease yourself back into the trail running thing. Some lower body weight training may be in order aswell. It will only make you that much stronger in the mountains. I'm sure you've looked into that though. That was just my two cents. Talk to you later man.

Anonymous said...

I have recurring knee problems and they drive me crazy!

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erik.barnes said...

Dude......I want to do the Leadville race with you! What a beautiful part of the country. Hope your knee feels better