Monday, June 04, 2007

Our self-destructive choices

As Americans (arguably as humans) we've created lives that promote, endorse, and seek comforts and convenience over substance, practicality, and sustainability. This is one of the main reasons we're in the state that we are with regard to the disparity of salaries of Executives and professional athletes versus those of Police, teachers, and other civil servants. It's also a major reason for the obesity epidemic, and for the outrageous litigations going on due to the total lack of personal responsibility we have in our country.
This video is a satirical look at the consequences of our choice to save some money and get everything all at one place. This does nothing but destroy the mom and pop stores and it encourages more BIG business with more advertising and higher executive salaries, etc... So much for entrepreneurship in America. Funny stuff, but it's just another symptom of some serious problems in America.

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davidultra49 said...

I definately agree 100% with you on this topic amigo. Whatever happened to the days of the family vacation. Getting out and seeing this beautiful country of ours first hand. Instead of from the comforts of our overstuffed sofas. I can remember not so long ago getting my butt beat for not coming home on time. When coming inside for the evening was like pulling teeth. Now all anybody wants to do is stay inside. With their HDTV's, MySpace accounts and Nintendo Wii's. Nintendo Wii? What the hell is that? Its just like the real thing! The F@#k it is. Don't get me wrong technology has its uses if used for the purpose it was intended for but lately it has gotten out of control. 10 year olds with cell phones! Are you kiddin' me? The laziness of this generation coming up is a direct reflection on their parents,"our generations" inability to parent. Which in turn results in the ever increasing percentage of obesity in children in this country. I mean why take the time to cook a nutritious home cooked meal when Mc Fatties is right around the corner. That makes sense right? What went wrong? Did I miss something? As a child going to McDonalds was like going to Disney World. It just didn't happen that often. The only time we got to come inside was if we were dehydrated or if something was broken. And even then only if it was a compound fracture. Parents are soft these days the children of this country will only become softer as a result. Your right Ben. We as a country are going to be in for one hell of a roller coaster ride in the coming decades. Sorry for going off Ben but that topic has always struck a chord with me. Thanks for the post brother.