Monday, September 10, 2007

Meeting the locals...

Saturday, we went up to the Vail area to check out the local (somewhat) adventure race scene. There was an AR being put on by Adventure Xstream and I wanted to see how well organized it was and how they did things. For this venue, they had a sprint distance and a 12 hour distance race. For other locations, they do a 12 and a 24 hour race. It looks like a pretty well done operation and I think I'll volunteer for the next race in Moab at the end of September. This will give me time to continue to train and get my "mountain legs" under me so that hopefully, I'll be ready to race in this series next year.

SUnday, we went to see our friends Lee, Monique and Connor in Evergreen, CO and to attend the Chili Cook Off. There were 40+ types of Chili and we had a good time tasting most of them and voting on our favorites. On the way to Evergreen, we were held up by a group of Elk crossing the road. As you can see from the pics, there was one bull (with a huge rack) and several females with their young 'uns. Looks like that bull has been busy! They're so used to the people that you can walk close enough to touch them though I wouldn't try it.

Of course no weekend in the mountains would be complete without some form of trail activity. I talked Lee into riding with me over at Elk Meadow trail for a little while. This weekend, the temps dropped and the high on Sunday was around 58 in Evergreen. This part of the year is a transition from Summer to Winter with very fickle weather so you never know what to expect. Fun stuff!


davidultra49 said...

Soak it all in brother. Good stuff. You keep sending pictures back like that and I just might start looking for a power plant job in the Denver area. Later.

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Good stuff. Elk meadows is a fun ride.