Thursday, February 20, 2014


Yaktrax - Confidence on packed snow and ice.
I had purchased a pair of Yaktrax Pro a while back for running in snow. I used them occasionally, but discovered that they work best on packed powder conditions and aren't that great on ice. After a few months, they broke. One of the rubber sections inside the metal coil snapped and they were useless then.

I checked the Yaktrax website and submitted an online query and they replied that they would replace them!
When a successful company stands behind their product, I commend them for it. There are so many examples of bad customer support that it's refreshing to see a company willing to keep their customers happy.

These bad boys will be seeing many more miles on the trails.

Thank you Yaktrax!


martinoffroad said...

Had the same thing happen to mine, only had them for 2 will need to see if I still have the receipt.

Ben Reeves said...

Just go to their contact page here and put in a description of what happened to them.

I didn't have my original receipt, but they replaced them for me anyway. Good luck!