Thursday, February 20, 2014


I've had a love/hate thing for Smartwool for a few years now.

Colorado company
Comfortable apparel
Merino Wool

Quality control problems with socks
Sometimes hard to find

I recently heard about a "satisfaction guarantee" from Smartwool and I decided to check it out. On their website, I submitted a complaint about some of my socks that had become threadbare in the normal abrasion areas for runners.

A Smartwool rep had recently told me that they knew of some production issues where the wool fibers were not woven in the right pattern or something like that and that is what led to the unusually fast wear patterns.

My online query was quickly answered and I was provided the method to ship in my old socks and they sent me a replacement pair for each one I sent them!

Now THAT is what I call good customer service! This is so refreshing in the age of poor or even non-existent customer service that I felt it was noteworthy.

Thank you Smartwool! You have retained a loyal and vocal fan!

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