Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Finally got around to seeing the orthopaedic doctor about my knee. I have a torn meniscus on the right side in the back. Pretty common or "classical" of meniscal injuries according to him. :-(

He said that I can keep running on it or get it fixed right away. It's up to me and how much pain I'm willing to put up with. Continuing training and racing, I might make it worse; maybe not. I think I'll try to resume training cautiously and see what I can deal with for the time being. The idea of invasive surgery has never been appealing to me. We'll see...
I'm pretty bummed about it, but at least it's not worse.


Chris said...


I'm sorry to hear about your injury.

I hope you heal up soon. I may need a adventure racing partner next year :-).

Thank you and Allison for coming out on Saturday. I owe you.


Ben, aka BadBen said...


You'll figure out what & when to do something with it.
In the interim time, train smartly with us Nerds!


D said...

Bummer. Injuries Suck!

shliknik said...

Sorry to hear 'bout it. You're probably like me and are not used to getting injured and don't know how to take it 'slow'.

Good luck w/ the healing and I agree - surgery sucks.

shliknik said...

Are you still outta comission? Hope you've been able to run.

I just did my first race since I moved to Greenville - a 7-mile deal at Paris Mtn St. Park.

Since the race, I've had serious toe trauma - my ankle was hurting during the race so I ran too much with the front on my foot - now my toe has been purple for 2 weeks and is still bleeding from under the toe nail. Fun. We're getting old.

See you at Psycho Wyco.