Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A biking dilemma and AR Training

I've been contemplating getting a new mtn bike for a while. Of the three mtn bike's I've owned, I've only REALLY liked my Gary Fisher Sugar. Even though I still have it, I haven't put any money into it lately and the parts on it are worn out. I have a hard time justifying putting more money into it when I have and am currently racing on my Specialized Stumpjumper FSR. It's newer and rides farily nice, but I just don't like it as well. My Stumpy is a small frame (which is supposedly right for my height) but my Fisher is a medium and feels more right for my style of riding. NOW I'm getting to the point where the components on my Stumpy are getting worn and I'm wondering if I should continue to put any money into it or just get something I like better. Selling a used mountain bike is such a pain though.
Anyway, it's Tuesday again and this is another training night for biking first, then running. Last Saturday I ran with the group and we got in around 8 in the trails. It's been pretty hot lately. Hopefully, the heat won't hurt the training. Last night's run was very inconsistent. Started out strong, but had a side cramp twice during it and had to walk out the first and ran through the second one. Still got in a little over 6 on the roads. While running, my deltoids started tiring. I'll either have to cut back on the fly reps in the gym or increase my mileage so get the arms back where they need to be so I can run efficiently and keep the ribcage/diaphragm open.
During the last race, Shane and I paddled fairly well, but we were both sore in the shoulders afterwards. We both know that kayaking with proper form isn't supposed to use the arms completely, but in the inflatable little rubber duckies, it's almost impossible to maintain proper form. Hopefully, we'll be able to get in some paddling practice before the next race. If not, we'll just punish ourselves more and rely on strength, determination, and experience to help us continue winning.


seanb724 said...

I'd highly recommend you try a Santa Cruz Blur. :-) My teammate raves about his Ellsworth Truth. But that is even more $$.

As far as paddling, even with proper form, your supporting muscles will get tired with enough distance. The core muscles should be your abs and obliques. The support muscles include the forearms and deltoids. I use a weighted bar of say 9, 12, or 15 pounds, sit in a bench, and practice the paddle motion. This doesn't use the core much since there is no pull from the water, but does work a lot on the deltoids and forearms.


shliknik said...

Howdy. Speaking of buying new Mtn bikes, my wife is about to buy her first one: a Specialized RockHopper. It's an entry-level bike and will all she'll need right now since she does no hard riding or races. I'm just exicted she wanted one. We rode Paris Mtn trails last week (she rode her hybird - not good), but enjoyed it!

She's 6'2" so there wasn't a female bike that would fit her. She tried a 21" bike thought it was too big so she opted for a 19". There's a 'triathalon' store right across the street from our apt that 'specializes' in Specialized.

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

I REALLY like the Santa Cruz Blur and have been considering one for a while. It would probably be wiser of me to test ride one first though to see if I'd need a small or medium frame since I have to special order it.
We need to practice our paddling more. We're stronger than most teams out there, but I just don't think we're efficient enough for longer races. Maybe if we had better boats instead of the rubber duckies...

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Here's a strange thought...train for race conditions: Purchase a rubber duckie boat and practice with it.

Anonymous said...

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