Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lighter but not slimmer?

The last few days have been pretty hectic. Last weekend, (Saturday morning) the Trail Nerds had the first in the series of trail races. I didn't do this one, but instead decided to help out with timing, pictures and course clean up afterwards since Shane and I were doing another adventure race on Sunday. After the race I went home, showered, packed up, picked up Shane and headed up to Lincoln, NE for our race on Sunday. We stayed with fellow trail and ultra runner Rick Hoopes. He and his wife generously hosted us at their place so we didn't have such a long drive to make the day of the race.
The adventure race was fun and we were happy with our third place finish until we realized that we only came in behind the second place team by a minute and a half. We could EASILY have done better if we didn't have to stop and change two flat tires and air them up another two times during the race. THAT was frustrating.
Even WITH the third place finish, we still retained the series lead in the points standings. I'd normally have a race report done for this by now, but I have way too much going on to do one of those at the moment.
Today after work, Allison and I are headed to Leadville, CO. We're meeting Shane and his wife Brandi there. We'll stop in Highlands Ranch so I can work on Thursday before continuing on to Leadville for our marathon on Saturday. While out there, we're going to try to get in some biking and maybe even attempt a fourteener if we have time.

In all of the preparations, training, helping, racing, and working, I haven't weighed myself in a while. I know this may not seem significant to most of you, but I had put on 25+ lbs a while back and have been working on getting it off the healthy way for the past year. When I first came to KC from Orlando, I was just over 165 lbs and am happy to say that I'm FINALLY back down to 133 as of this morning! It's been hovering between 137 and 140 for a while but I guess the race last weekend helped me get that last 4-5 lbs off! Now I just need to get in the gym and get the body composition back to a more respectable level and maybe I'll be racing stronger! Peoples' reactions to hearing about my weight is funny because first, they can't believe that I'm that light now (I look 140-150) and they can't imagine that I was ever 165+. Maybe it's because of my frame I hold weight proportionately or maybe I just wore baggier clothes, but either way, nobody but me ever really noticed.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for weight loss! yay for third place! yay for first in the standings! yay for having fun at an adventure race!

okay, too many yays. too many exclamation points. sorry :)

a.maria said...

wow, thats just depressing. i weigh MORE than you.

awesome. i'm just going to tell myself that means i can beat you up and try not to dwell on the fact that i weigh more than a boy.


Anonymous said...

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