Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I don't lern too good

You'd think I'd learn more as I get older. Not necessarily the case. I keep finding new mistakes or new ways of making the same old mistakes. What would really help is if I could be consistent enough (in training, diet, and pretty much everything) to learn how to recover correctly and/or completely. That's such a necessary part of training, but still not a part that I'm embracing very well. After taking off thursday and Friday last week after Wednesday's fiasco, I went for a bike ride on Saturday with a couple of guys. One was the current mountain biking champion of Missouri and the other is a phenomenal rider who used to work for and ride for Manitou. He also wins many of the area bike races so I knew I'd be in for a workout. Riding with these guys is fun and makes me better. I was really hoping others would show up for this ride to help keep the pace down, but it ended up just being the three of us. I held my own and dont' think I held them up too much, but I also had to hold back a bit as I knew I was going to TRY to do 2 loops at Wyco on Sunday. Didn't matter. I let my pride get the best of me and used my quads harder than I should've on the ride and felt it on Sunday's run. My knee is also bothering me a little worse now. It was feeling a bit better most of last week so this has me concerned.
The next three weekends are all race weekends with the first (this Saturday & Sunday) being the first in the Trail Nerds Trail run series. As soon as that's over, Shane and I head up to Lincoln, NE for our next Adventure Race on Sunday. THEN, we leave next Thursday morning for Leadville, CO where we'll be doing the Leadville Marathon and the weekend after that is another adventure race. Hope my knee holds out because my confidence in my training isn't.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

You'll do ok. Just don't try to do every running/training event during the weekdays. I did that for about 7 years. It was not good for my overall health or for my race times. (I rarely do a WNR or a MNR anymore, as you know). It was always tempting to "push-it" with others, when I should've been doing a solitary recovery run. Rest time and recovery rides/runs are extremely important for your training.

a.maria said...

yeah!! what he said!!

shliknik said...

You're funny!

Every entry is about "I did _____ and pushed too hard. Now I'm hurt!"

Have fun. Part of competing and running/biking is just that. Not everything has to hurt to be worthwhile.

take your own advice.

later and see you on the trails.

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Thanks Jason. You're absolutely right. Thanks for the perspective. Sometimes the hardest advice to take is your own. That's the main reason I don't hang out with Social Workers. Cuz they're so screwed up! Uh oh. I hope my Mom, sister, and sister-in-law don't read this!