Monday, January 30, 2006

Groundhog Run

Did the 24th annual Groundhog Run yesterday in KC, MO and am glad I did it, but wouldnn't recommend it to anyone else unless they just HAVE to try running underground. Yes, this is an underground run in the "Subtropolis" of Hunt Midwest. The novelty of it was cool at first, but that soon wore off as the crowd got bigger and the dimly lit uneven pavement took it's toll on more than a few unsuspecting runners. The stale air was also not very welcome. Since I've been training in the trails so much and not on the roads at all for the past 2 months, my calous that I normally have from my road shoes wasn't there. In it's place, a nice blister developed and it slowed my pace after it burst with a mile and a half to go. :-( I finished in 48 mins even, but was on pace for a 42-43 minute finish before the blister. Overall I'm glad I did it for the experience, but I realize that I also need to do some more speed work in addition to the distance I'm putting in. Been in the gym a bit more lately as well and the legs are starting to build up so hopefully, the bike legs will come back quickly. Missed the trail runs this weekend completely, but will make up for it next weekend and once this week.

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a.maria said...

ewww, i'm with you on the groundhog run. that sucked. i def'ly won't be doing that again!