Monday, August 18, 2008

Enjoying the Colorado Summer!

I've been slower with the updates on the posts lately due to some fun time with more friends visiting. Here's a few highlights...

Here, Sean and I stand at 14,063 feet on top of Mt. Bierstadt.

In the above picture, we are beginning to make our way across the sawtooth over to Mt. Evans. This was a little scary and precarious in places, but definitely doable without ropes. Just takes a lot of nerve.

Above is me perched on one part of the sawtooth. Below is a weasel that was curious about us. Cute little guy that followed us for a minute. Probably wanted to see if we had any food.

Below is a view from atop Mt. Evans. In the bottom of the picture, you can see the parking lot for the folks who like to take an easier route up to 14000 feet. The peak of this one is at 14,264 feet above sea level.

Below, you can see one of the few animals able to survive in the tundra climate of the upper Rocky Mountain peaks. The Rocky Mountain Goat. This guy was a little shy and didn't want us coming too close. It's amazing how agile they are on the side of the mountain.

Sean and I made the ~10 mile trip in about 9 hours. We had thought we would be faster than that, but it seems we underestimated the conditions. That being said, we were just happy to be done safely. During the trip, we were snowed and sleeted on a couple of times by an approaching storm front that closed the road to Mt. Evans on Friday. The day after we were there, it snowed over half a foot on both mountains. Looks like our timing was just right.


seanb724 said...

I had a great time. Here's a link to my write-up:

Shane A. Jones said...

Your new name is Bierstadt Ben!

shliknik said...

Cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

nice to see your blog