Monday, March 30, 2009

busy last week

It was so good to sleep in my own bed last night!
Last week was our 15 year anniversary so Allison and I went to Estes Park, CO for a few days of R&R. Our new roommate (my 19 yr old niece) agreed to watch Isabella for us so we felt comfortable leaving knowing our little girl was in good hands. We stayed at the Stanley Hotel which is where Stephen King was inspired by, and wrote "The Shining" during his stay there. Contrary to common misunderstandings, it wasn't actually filmed there, but rather in some other gargantuan hotel somewhere in Oregon I think. Anyway, the hotel is not creepy, but it is old and beautiful and set in a spectacular landscape.
While there, CO got hit with a huge Spring snow storm and dumped between 1 to 3 feet of snow in various places over a 24 hour period. This made driving home Friday morning interesting and slow.

Once back home, I kissed my little girl, played in the snow, repacked the FJ, and got back on the road headed for Moab, UT to volunteer at the Adventures XStream Adventure Race.
I really wanted to do this race, but the knee just wasn't ready for it yet so I decided to help out.
Friday and Saturday night, I slept in the back of the FJ in some very chilly temps.
After a not-so-good night's sleep, Saturday morning came extra early when I headed out to Gemini Bridges where I would be assisting with the ropes section of the race. At this part, the racers leave their bikes at the top of the canyon, rappel down the ~300 feet vertical wall, then run 5 miles back up hill to the top to reclaim their bikes and carry on with the rest of the race.
I was at the bottom of the ropes helping to belay the racers' rappel.
At one point, some rocks came knocked free by one of the rappellers came down the cliff and hit me in the trapezius muscle on the right shoulder before I could react. My helmet couldn't protect from that and I now have a large bruise and a slight sunburn to show for my day's efforts. All in all it was a successful day with no major injuries and the racers had a good time.
My Sports Chiro/rehab Dr, Jeremy Rodgers took second place in the Men's solo division behind Pro Adventure Racer Travis Macy.

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Mark Studnicki said...

The Stanley Hotel looks very creepy from all the weird ghost shows they have done there. I've been to the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon a couple times, where they shot all the exterior scenes for the The Shining. One of my all-time favorite scary movies. REDRUM, REDRUM...... :-)