Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Losing my frickin mind!

Maybe I just have too much energy, or stress, or ADD, or ambition, or something. It's impossible for me to sit still for anything. Running (exercising in general) has been a way for me to shed stress and keep some focus on other aspects of my life. Now that I no longer am able to run, it's getting harder to find time for other avenues of stress relief.
After getting back from the family visit in FL last week, I decided to quit drinking completely for a while and to start watching my diet a little better in an effort to stem the caloric intake.
A week ago, I was at the gym and decided to try out the knee on the treadmill. As has been the case for the last three runs this year, it gave out on me at the 2 mile mark. So I guess I'll just stick to biking for the time being.
Got a new bike for the mtn bike races I'll do this year.
I got a sweet deal on it from the bike shop that sponsors the bike team I ride with. Now if I can just keep the legs in shape and keep the weight off, I'll be good to go and maybe won't go insane. I really miss running the trails though.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Year to heal?

Well, for the past month, I've been able to run a total of three times. All three ending in having to stop and walk back due to injury. So back to the orthopedic I went. I really trust my ortho and always try to give him as much info as possible so he can be as thorough and accurate as possible.

My latest injury is due to compensatory changes in my mechanics because of past injuries that I didn't allow to heal completely. My LEFT knee now has been giving me (debilitating) pain about two to three miles into a run. The pain has been so bad (and progressively getting worse) that I've only been able to walk/hobble back to the car to go home and lick my wounds.

The outside (lateral side) of my left knee is where the pain has been and initially I thought I might be developing the very common ITB issues that so many people encounter. Thanks to another MRI, my Dr found that it's actually a tear in my LCL that is causing it. It makes me wonder how many people are so casually (mis?)diagnosed with ITB because the symptoms are so similar.


Prognosis and prescription? Not one, not two, but THREE months off from running and hard biking! :-(