Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Losing my frickin mind!

Maybe I just have too much energy, or stress, or ADD, or ambition, or something. It's impossible for me to sit still for anything. Running (exercising in general) has been a way for me to shed stress and keep some focus on other aspects of my life. Now that I no longer am able to run, it's getting harder to find time for other avenues of stress relief.
After getting back from the family visit in FL last week, I decided to quit drinking completely for a while and to start watching my diet a little better in an effort to stem the caloric intake.
A week ago, I was at the gym and decided to try out the knee on the treadmill. As has been the case for the last three runs this year, it gave out on me at the 2 mile mark. So I guess I'll just stick to biking for the time being.
Got a new bike for the mtn bike races I'll do this year.
I got a sweet deal on it from the bike shop that sponsors the bike team I ride with. Now if I can just keep the legs in shape and keep the weight off, I'll be good to go and maybe won't go insane. I really miss running the trails though.


shliknik said...

Sorry to hear about not being able to run. I saw pics of PsychoWYCO and wondered why you were standing w/ Ben instead of slippin' and slidin' on paths.

Wish I was able to attend, but had health issues of my own. My stomach had 'issues' all January. I actually lost 10+ lbs in 2 weeks. Since I wasn't able to train most of the month, I figured why bother flying 1000 miles to not put in my best effort.

Even though I only just turned 30....it sounds like we're old men w/ our health chat.

Travis said...

found you through Caleb's blog... It was nice meeting you at Psycho. There's nothing like getting new gear to cheer you up! Keep healing up and you'll be back in no time.

Caleb said...

Welcome to my world in regards to the hyperactivity/ADD...Your whole knee issue is starting to piss me off...I miss seeing you out on the trails. I like your new ride. Saweet!!

a.maria said...

yo.. i don't know if you remember me but we used to trade comments on your blog. anyway.. some friends at kcMultiSport and i wanna try adventure racing and i was remembering you were into that (i think???) and was needing some guidance on where to look for info.

if you've got the time, email me and i'll send you my questions!!

thanks so much!