Thursday, November 15, 2007

She's home

Yesterday (Wed 14 Nov) we checked out of the hospital and brought our baby girl home after her and mommy both received a clean bill of health. We've had help from my good friend Lee in taking care of things around the house while we get used to some changes. It's been an amazing realization so far because thanks to all of our good friends and family and their generosity, we have everything we need and it's so nice not to have to worry about not having anything to provide for our little one. I think it's really cool when I notice all the different gifts from various friends and family that added up together, complete the necessities that we need to provide. It makes us really appreciate our friends and family who are part of us welcoming Isabella into the world, even if they are not here with us. Here's a short clip of her that I took of her in her room after a feeding.

Thank you all for your compliments and well wishes. We look forward to Isabella getting to meet everyone who is such a big part of our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hello again Precious! Mimi was talking to you as your movie was playing. The sparkle in my eyes is provided by tears of happiness, so get used to them. Ben, thank you for a more "revealing" video of Isabella. I am so glad that Lee and Monique and Conner are there to help you. Give my love to them. Allison, you and Ben have a most wonderfully special daughter to round out your family at this time. When is she going to get a little brother? I can't believe I wrote that! Your family is complete with no other children or several others - whatever God provides. Nite-nite for now. Love, Mimi, Gigi and Frank

Anonymous said...

MORE, MORE!!! We want more Isabella footage! That was precious, she's quite a star! Have you noticed her turn her head toward you when you walk into the room and speak? It's a fun trick, you can say, "made you look" Ruth

Sunshine said...

She just knows her daddy's voice. She's gorgeous and I too want more footage. It's SO much better than just pictures!

mishamae said...

Ben & Allison she is gorgeous. It looks like you are adjusting well. I can't wait to see you all maybe this summer when I take the boys to Denver we can get together. We miss you all so much. Have a great Thanksgiving.