Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Not sure why I'm putting this down, but I find it very interesting.
During my adventure with Matt Hart on his speed record attempt of the Colorado Trail a while back, I was pacing him from Gold HIll trailhead oer the Ten Mile Range from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain area and while on the trial, I experienced a deja vu. We all have those occasionally and we're usually left with a sense of "was that a dream?" or some other sense of bewilderment.

This past Sunday, I was running (accidentally) on the same stretch of Colorado Trail in the opposite direction when I got the same feeling. There was the familiar part of the trail which intellectually, I knew that I'd been there before, but there was also something else. A feeling of something larger. It was a very scenic portion of trail and extremely challenging and at the time, I was at about mile 18 of a trail marathon.
It's strange how the mind works and I'm curious if we'll ever fully understand it.
Fall is getting here now and trail runs and songs and time with friends is as sweet as ever. Apparently I'm really liking the change of seasons, but this year, the nostalgia seems stronger than ever. Perhaps that's a sign of getting old(er)?