Monday, December 15, 2008

skiing now

Been seeing the sports chiro for a few weeks with more mixed results. Mostly bad news for the knee. The exercises he's given me haven't been able to compensate for the damage that's already been done in there and the cortisone shot only provided temporary respite. At least it helped us know better what we're dealing with. Now, he's sending me to an ortho here in Denver and we'll do another MRI and go from there. Looks like some kind of procedure is inevitable. More on that later...


Lately, I've been able to get in some skiing. Nothing crazy, just some fun alpine style in different conditions. I don't do moguls or jumps so it's ok on the knee. My first time out to Vail with Lee 2 weeks ago was awesome. The parking situation is pretty inconvenient, but the slopes were great and we were there while it was snowing and they already had about 10 inches of fresh powder on top of packed stuff. Very nice indeed. I'm loving my new skis.

Saturday, I went to Arapahoe Basin by myself and enjoyed a couple of hours. It's not as big as Vail, but there's a good bit of terrain to choose from and it's much closer than most other places. Plus, it's VERY convenient because you can park RIGHT beside the lifts. I literally skied back to my car when I was done. No resort there to complicate things.

Pretty soon, the resorts will have most if not all of their terrain open and skiing will be much more fun (and crowded) since I like to find routes less traveled. With limited terrain open, it's hard to make your own tracks. Thinking of heading out to Breckenridge again this week. We'll see how the knee is feeling.
Lately, since I haven't been able to run or bike, I've been going to the gym and have been hitting the weights for the first time in a long time. The initial soreness felt great, but now I'm getting back into it and forgot how quickly I bulk up. I really need the cardio to keep the lean muscle mass and to burn off the layer(s) of fat that are building up. :-(