Tuesday, May 29, 2007

to buy or not to buy. THAT is the question!

As we contemplate buying our next home, we feel it's important to consider all of the prudent options.

Reading stuff like this sure helps clear things up! (<-- sarcasm)


Agendas are everywhere and I love JibJab

This kinda shows ya how silly our media is. Don't forget that it's driven by ratings though. Check yourself!

You've already seen how I feel about Hollywood and their hypocritical horseshit on "Global Warming." Here's a little more info on that subject. This is a little long, but if you've got time it's WELL WORTH watching.


Some other things I like to check out when feeling like life is going too smoothly.



Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Life comes at you fast..."

We're pregnant again! Due November 25th which is one day later than when we were due last year. Already heard the heartbeat and everything seems to be going well so far.

Training is resuming at a more acceptable level for me. It's my stress reliever so I'm glad to feel somewhat healthy again. Saturday, I got in a little over 13 quick miles in some mud and Monday, I did another fast 7. Hopefully, I can get my mileage up soon so I'll feel ready for the Leadville marathon which I'm signed up for again. Later this year (September) I'd like to do the Moab Alpine to Slickrock 50 miler. We've got a lot going on before that though. Now that the knee is letting me get back to training, once I get the conditioning back and work my way back to a semi-competitive level, I'm wondering if I'll still need surgery. Time will tell...

Allison's little sister Hannah is getting married this year sometime. They're still playing around with some dates. Allison will be going to NC for the wedding shower and to help plan the wedding. She's also going to NYC to meet my sister and my niece for a girl's trip. It's our graduation present to my niece. They'll have a few days and will be staying in Mid-town near Central Park and 5th Ave. I think Alexis will enjoy it.

I'll be in Denver next week for work and am taking my bike with me to get in some riding and will try to meet up with the Denver Trail Runners to get in a fun trail run. :-D
In June, I'll be in Orlando for 2 weeks for work and will get to see some old friends again. That'll be cool.