Thursday, November 30, 2006


Apparently I suck at keeping up with blogging regularly.
Since the last post, I've been back to the Dr. got an MRI, got a cortisone shot, kept running, (shorter distances and slower) had family visit for Thanksgiving, and worried my way through our company's merger. I guess a lot has been going on, but for the past 2 1/2 months, I've been working nights and it's thrown EVERYTHING off big time! Eating, sleeping, motivation, and several other things are all affected by the vampiric schedule I was keeping. My appetite is returning to normal now, but I actually dropped below 130 lbs for the first time in a few years! Running has been sporadic at best and I've only been biking once in the past 9 weeks! Now that I'm back on a regular schedule, I can get my knee repaired (maybe?) and get back to training for Psycho Wyco in February.

Thanksgiving was good and unseasonably warm. My sister and nieces came up from Pensacola, FL and while they were here, I was able to introduce them to trail running. Of course, as SOON as they left, it turned frigid! We went from above avg temps to below avg temps in 1 DAY! From 70 degrees on Tuesday to 21 degrees on Wednesday and an ice storm. Thursday (today) it's 17 and we're expecting a few inches of snow. What a difference a day makes sometimes!
I'm really looking forward to running in the snow again, but it'll take some RE-adjusting to the weather again. I'm still a warm weather guy!